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About Us

NYK Consultants was established in 2007 with a group of business professionals. Amongst us, we have a large number of years international work experience.

Our experiences span from setting and developing new businesses as well as market development for established businesses.

At NYK we believe that growing and setting up a business don’t have to cost you a fortune. What is important is to have a right set of contacts and a clear direction of where you would like to take your business.

The key for any business growth is the access to information that is accurate, reliable and on-time. This will enable your business to stay ahead of your competitors and attract new customers. As you will be the first to identify that emerging customer need and satisfy them.

We have developed a portfolio of products that are offered to you at very reasonable prices. In fact we can ensure that you will not find these products at these prices anywhere else.
For example, our business research reports are custom made to satisfy your needs and requirements, and our business accountancy partners are there to ensure that all your business accountancy needs from basic book-keeping to filing annual accounts with the Companies House are handled – so, you can concentrate on your business growth.

We can also arrange your business with tailor made executive training courses ranging from basic business management to management of complex investments.

All these services are priced individually as per your business needs and budget. So, browse around the website and see what we can do for you build and develop your business.

Please feel free to fill up a “Contact us” form by giving details of your specific business requirements and we will get one of our partners to contact you to discuss how we can satisfy your needs.

e mail: info@nykconsultants.co.uk; NYK Consultants Ltd is registered in England and Wales. No: 06139376