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Business Research and Information

Understanding your customer needs and wants are vital for any business regardless of the size.

But carrying out a full business research can be very expensive and many research companies just simply provide you with “off-the-shelf” researches that are not specific to your company.

At NYK, we have partnered with one of the country’s leading business research and intelligence companies to deliver and bespoke research to meet your requirements.
We will stay away from all the jargon, and will present our findings in a friendly format so you can understand easily.

We can even arrange a time for one of our experts and come and discuss the research outcomes with you.

We have capabilities to carry out research activities from a basic market research to advanced business modelling based research.

All these can be done within your budget and requirements.

For small business, we can do“Data Analysis” activities to support business decisions. For example, you can simply send us your weekly or monthly till reports to us on a Friday and we will analyse it and send you a report on Monday. So, you will not what products have more business potential, what customers are more likely to buy again, etc.

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