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Competitor Analysis

Many businesses have several competitors and sometimes it can be a daunting task to keep a track of their activities.

For example, it is very important to know whether one of your competitor’s has made any price changes, introduced new products, open up a new branch, etc.

At NYK we have partnered with one of the leading competitor analysis companies to provide with competitor audits.

These audits can be varying from basis “web screening” activities to complete competitor research and analysis.

For example, a basic monthly report of your competitor websites can give you with good insights of their intentions and changes.

These can be very important when introducing products at your company and making pricing decisions.

On the other hand, by having these reports, you can ensure and understand the reactions of your competitors to your organisation. For example, you have released a new product last month and seeing that the sales are not coming through as per your expectations, only to find out that one of your competitor’s have copied your idea and selling at a lower price.

By having these competitor reports can provide you with this key information at very low prices.

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