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Management Consultancy

NYK Professionals have hands on experience in setting up and developing their businesses. In addition most of our consultants have worked with leading multinational organisations around the world gain substantial work experiences.

We specialises in business start ups. We can provide you with information and support in;
  • How to register your business?
  • How to write a basic business plans?
  • Opening business accounts and setting up your book keeping activities
  • Annual company accounts and payroll activities

We can also support you when you are ready to take that extra step and develop your business.

We can organise “direct marketing” activities for your customers;
  • This can be of simple one off e mail with a promotional voucher to management of complex customers with regular updates and newsletters.

Business Research activities;

  • We can provide you with monthly reports on your competitor activities and price changes;
  • We can do simple customer surveys and send to your customers and send you a report.

We can help you with financial planning for your business development activities and develop business plans in order for you gain finances from banks and other sources.

Remember, our services are tailor made – so we will not simply provide you with a “one for all” solution. All these solutions are designed by taking your requirement and your budget into account.

Why not simply complete the “contact us” form with your requirements and we will get in touch with you to discuss what we can offer for your business.


e mail: info@nykconsultants.co.uk; NYK Consultants Ltd is registered in England and Wales. No: 06139376