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Resources For Students

Being a student can sometimes be very frustrating, especially when it comes to writing assignments and reports.

Most of your assignments require you to “choose a company of your choice....” and do something. But the most daunting task is for you to choose a company and find all the specific information.

Such as profit and loss accounts, their strength and weaknesses and business structure, etc.

NYK Consultants has partnered with a leading organisation to provide you with specific “company reports” with a very small price tag.

These reports will provide you with a full financial analysis using key business ratios and provide you information on the company’s historical performances.

We can also provide you the access to a well equipped “electronic library” – so you can access your books online and run searches for specific words and terms.

We can also support you with your job interviews by providing you with “interview packs” that contain key company information and the likely questions that you might be asked during your interview.

Why not simply complete a “contact us” form and one of our advisors will contact you to discuss your requirements.
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